Gates Belt Drive with Nuvinici N360 in Nomadic Dahon Mu N360 Folding Bike

At Nomadic, we have brought forward two very exciting updates to the Dahon Mu N360 model bike.   Joining with Dahon's very well regarded Mu Frame platform,  these modifications are focused on the integration of the Gates CTX Belt Drive being paired with the remarkable NuVinci N360 CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).Mu N360 Gates 2017 12 22 15.46.41 trimmed

The Nomadic-Dahon Mu N360 Gates Bike (above) is clean and effective.  This brings the Gates CTX Belt System, along with new fitted bottom bracket, crank set, belt tensioner together with a high level of integral precision.  The fundamental aspect of the Gates Belt Drive is that it is not "lubricated" the way chain's need to be lubricated.  Further, it is very quiet.  In a folding bike, not being lubricated means that you can carry it on your hip, throw it in the back seat of your car, lean into it with your leg and you won't get grease stains.  When you ride it, it really imparts a different experience.  You get almost a feeling of "flying" it is so quiet.  Part of this is its mating with the remarkable NuVinci transmission which does not shift in a "clicking" manner, but reather in a smooth transitional manner.  It also has a relatively quiet coasting mode, which you may note in that its efficiency gets you to speed and coasting frequently.  New Bottom Bracket and Crank sets are required as part of this upgrade and choices can be communicated.

Dahon Mu N360 with Gates Drive and Patterson 2 Speed Crank System  -

The full step further.2018 04 27 16.05.59 N360 Gates Patterson 1

 The addition of the Patterson 2 Speed Planetary Gear crank gives the bike both a Overdrive and Low range which expands the Nuvinci N360's of 360% to a remarkable  576% from its lowest to highest gearing.  Making this jump we have purposely expanded the range both Low and High.  This makes the bike capable of climbing even the steepest grades, yet rolls down the road at speed and under power at a remarkable clip.  The bike is capable for both touring and cargo/trailer uses.  Shifting is nearly instantaneous throughout the range.

We have a limited supply of these bikes available.  We can also retrofit existing N360's both in our shop and in a provided kit form.  We will update this article with direct order information as we move forward.  Exciting bikes!

2018 04 27 16.06.07 N360 Gates Patterson 2

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Nomadic Bike

Nomadic Bike is the bike focused arm of Nomadic, Inc. in Boulder Colorado.  At present our company is primarily focused on the bicycles and Nomadic Bike is ostensibly our take on what makes for a great bike and how, in turn, we can upfit them to make them better.

Our work has entailed modifications of folding bikes to make them suitcase packable, as well a modifications of other bikes to electrify them and make them fast and effective for daily life on levels exceeding the original bike designs.

We do also have a domain that we may use in more vigor in the future ( but right now Nomadic Inc, is Nomadic Bike and you can get some cool stuff from us and we can work with you to really optimize the best bike for you.

The strongest sense of our focus at Nomadic is the ability to live with your bike and functionally find your home with it and around it.  Nomadic lifestyles by nature are roaming lifestyles.  Some Nomadic cultures move high and low in different seasons, while others move north and south, or more generally simply travel while functionally being home.

Other takes on Nomadic lifestyles are active and traveling lives.  People who travel for work essentially settle into that life and find elements home and community in many places along the way.  Our view is that we can make your Nomadic life more active, more centered and more engaged.  This can be through our bicycles, through our gear and sometimes perhaps, just through our appreciation of the lives you and we live.  Travel is a gift and the best travel integrates quite fully into the places one goes.  Whether you are riding your bike around a new neighborhood, or engaged in a hundreds or thousands of mile journey, you are engaged as you go expanding your life through the places you go.  The Journey is the destination, the experience the treasure, and the tools of travel full extensions of the traveller.

Nomadic, a great way to be. So many places to go.  Be comfortable all the way.

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