All Terrain Folding Bike - Dahon Jetstream

Although many "styles" and "types" of bikes are built with slow changes in overall trends, it does work for certain bikes to rise above and out of the ordinary.

One such Bike is Dahon's Jetstream Bike.  The Jetstream offers front and rear suspensions and a tremendous ride quality.

jetstream p8 big 555x415px unfold 04

 The "Urbanite" color scheme shown here is a great looking bike and we have updated it with the Kenda K-krad tires which give a softer floatier ride in mixed environments, be they dirt roads and trails, in the park or dashing down urban streets.

jetstream p8 big 555x415px fold 04

Folded, the Jetstream fits nearly anywhere.  We offer stow wraps for bringing onto Trains and Buses, as well as in home storage which will help the bike, your trusted steed, dissappear into its nightly stable.

We offer the Jetstream in both the Urbanite and JetBlack Color schemes.  The JetBlack comes with either Kenda's Small Block 8 Tires (standard) or the K-Rad available on the Urbanite.

In the coming weeks we plan to test E-Bike upgrades to the Jetstream.  One of our points of excitement here is that we feel the Jetstreams Frame and Suspension elements are perfectly suited for carrying the extra mass involved in E-Bike motor and Battery systems.  And as Rocket Ships do need to be engineered well, you can't find a more capable Folding Bike for rugged exploration than the Jetstream.

These are the Kenda K-Rads mounted: 20" x 2.125" which is 3/8" wider than standard and brrings great grip and versatility:

2016 03 31 17.15.07 KRAD


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