Part 1: Choosing the best Folding Bike for you

Part 1:   There are quite a few choices we offer in Dahon Folding bikes.  We offer the widest range of Dahon Folding bikes and we know the bikes well.  In general the decision tree wants to look at the following subjects.

  • How do you want to use the bike?
  • How far do you want to ride?
  • How much gear do you want to carry with you? 
  • How do you want to travel with your bike?
  • Do you need your bike be to be easy to carry?
  • How much money do you want to spend?

It is a pretty simple set of choices and we can always "want it all" for the "least cost" and in some ways, this is possible.  The Dahon's we sell are all functional and nice riding bikes.  We do not sell, at present, the "entry level models" which are the Boardwalk and SUV which are fine bikes for simple usage.  

Our lineup of Dahon Bikes has functionally 4 Categories:

  • Functional Multi Purpose Bikes:  Speed Uno, Vybe D7, Speed D7, Mariner D8 and Briza D8,
  • Vertical Fold Urban and Travel Bikes:  Jifo,  EEZZ D3 and QIX D8
  • Multi Speed - Internal Hub Bikes:  Vitesse D3, Vitesse I7,  Ciao I7 and Mu N360
  • Touring and High Performance Line Bikes:  Mu D10,  Visc D18, Visc D18 Disc, IOS D9, Formula S18,  Mu SL 10/11, Mu LT 10/11, Mu Rohloff, Visc SL and Jetstream.

For expanded discussion of the variables to be considered follow this link to:  Part 2: Variables in choosing the best folding bike for you.

I am always happy to discuss.  We do have our favorites but every decision is a balancing act.  Please use the "contact me " button or drop me a line if you want to go into more details.

  • Landis Arnold
  • Nomadic Inc.,  Bouilder CO USA
  • office:  303-444-2336

 Contact Me:

This is a cursory view below of a few of the bikes.  Many more around the corner.

IMG 4709 compressed


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