Optimizing your Folding Bike

Folding bikes are in general extremely functional right out of the box.  They are typically set up to be rideable with just inflating the tires, checking quick release's and seat heights.

That said, there is a many modifications you can do with most new folding bikes, depeding upon how they are setup to begin with.

Two of the easiest functional modifications

  • Fenders:  Fenders keep your pants dryer if you encounter rains or puddles.
  • Rear RackL  Rear racks give you easy ability to carry a variety of items including baskets, paniers, backpacks and more.

Other Mods and Accessories:

  • Bigger, Grippier Tires:  These soften your ride and work better on dirt roads and easy trails.  Bigger tires do add some weight but if you have space in your pack think about the upgrade. 
  • Rechargable Lights both front and back:   helping you see, and be seen.
  • Adjustable Paniers:  Ours can be used on Racks as well as Handlebar Stem.
  • Front Bag Systems, expand your carrying capacity. 
  • Trailer system, expand your carrying capacities considerably with great efficiency.
  • Pedelec Electric Systems bring great practicality to many commutes, and load carrying capabilities.
  • Tube Repair Kits, Air Pumps and tool kits are universally recomended.
  • Pant Protectors, Rain Pants and Jackets, Helmets and Sunglasses are nearly always helpful.
  • Bike Burrito for "off wheel" transport.
  • Tool Kits
  • Travel Boxes

We can help you many and most of these accessories and modifications.  Browse our categories or ask directly via "Contact Us" and we can help you with your own kit optimization.

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