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At Nomadic we are all about the intersection of bikes, travel and life. We believe bikes make life better and have a positive impact on many of the issues that face us today. Nomadic strives to help you take your bike on your travels or get more utility from your bike around town. We have some fantastic travel bikes, E-bikes, commuter bikes, Fat Bikes, trailers and carriers lifestyle gifts and bicycle touring and travel gear. Let us know what you're looking for  Set up an appointment at Nomadic Headquarters in Longmont or Contact Us.

We stock a large inventory of folding bikes and we have the Vitesse I7, Mariner, Visc, and the entire line available.  What's a folding bike you ask? Checkout the  Dahon Mu N360 which we have modified with a Gates Belt Drive.  It is quite likely the most capable Cycle Touring Folding Bike ever made. We are the only dealer adapting Dahon for Gates Belt Drive. 

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We have both stock and optimized Prodigy and Tempo E-Bikes, Fat Bikes and a full line of Dahon folding bikes available.  We can help you find the bike that is best for you. We're here to  help you get the most out of your ride, whether around town or around the world! In addition to our lines of Folding Bikes we also have a range of touring and travel gear.  Whether you drive, fly, RV, boat or sail on your travels, we have solutions to help you take your bike.

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Pushing through the pavement - Zach Krapfl's TedX talk

If you are wondering about the "ethics" of E-bikes this TedX talk from Zach Krapfl is worth the watch.  Actually, it's worth the watch no matter.  I like the 500 mpg and potential 1500 mpg calculations.  Zach used to design really cool bikes for Schwinn when the company was based in the Boulder area.  He would be a great resource for Solar and other installs on the Western Slope of Colorado where hs new company, Clean State Energy is based.


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