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Dahon Folding Bike customization

Dahon has made an excellent range of folding bikes for many years.  Out of the box they tend to function comfortably and well.  Variances between bikes are not always obvious, but they are there.  Though not commonly discussed, Dahon Bikes can often be upgraded  very significantly with relatively modest investments and work.  

Most recently I have completed the following upgrades:

1:  Upgrade the Visc SL to a 349 rear wheel (from 305): This makes the bike ride much better because it effectively reduces the slope of the seat post,  keeping the bike from wanting to do wheelies on a blink, and moreover, speeds up the bike by taking the gearing and adding additional distance covered every revolution (Gear Inches measure).

2:  Swap the Visc D18 Appletini handlebar post to an inner fold, adjustable height handlebar post, and couple the handlebar post with touring handlebar which gives a much more dynamic set of hand and body positions.

Nomadic upgrade, Visc SL 9 w/ 349 rear wheel  


Both of these bikes are "my" bikes so I am doing things to make the bikes work best for me.  I have often found that the things I like generally other people also appreciate for their usage.  In these two situations I am sure that is the case. 

Visc SL 9 with 349 iso rear wheel and Comet tires

Visc SL 9 - even after wheel upgrade will fit with wheels on in many 61" Airline accepted suitcases 

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Dahon Visc D18 - Suitcase travel

 Visc D18 Appletini - Suitcase Packable

For a few years now, the Visc D18 has been my primary folding bike.  I use it in many ways. 

  • I take it with me in the car so that I can get access and fun at the other end of my travel.
  • I have flown with it on several trips and been able to explore and be active in wonderful places.
  • I use it as a utility vehicle at work, running to lunch, going to the hardware store and sometimes just getting a bit of fresh air and new perspective.

The fact that I can easily pack it and fly different places, while simply checking in a normal suitcase is a real game changer for me.  I love to travel but I hate spending too much money on certain things.  Oversize baggage is one.  In fact my United Credit Card gives me one free checked bag so, by my view, my bike travels free.

Depending upon where I am going I will pack differently.

For a short business trip the bike and anything I don't want to carry in my carry on end up in the suitcase.  At my destination I will usually pickup a rental car or perhaps a ride to my hotel. 

If I am going on a travel fun trip, which I did recently, I have the ability to convert my suitcase to a bike trailer, and and carry both the bike and the trailer chassis in my suitcase.  The result of this is that I don't really need a car at the other end of my flight and I can travel from place to place with my bike, suitcase/trailer and gear.  This is incredibly freeing from so many points of view.  For one, expenses go down.  Places are seen in new ways.  One actually feels a lighter burden by not being tied to a car, the gas, worrying about it getting damaged, so many things.

Suitcases and bikes that work with them is a bit like pairing food with wine.  They need to work together and they do not always do so automatically.  Basically the regulation for how "large" a suitcase can be challenges on a few fronts.  Length, width and depth must add up to no more than 62 inches.  Wheel size. Frame, Handlebar  Transmissions.  Ease and difficulty of removing wheels. Keeping things so they can be quickly be put back together. Ability to protect parts from each other, ability to protect the whole package.  Ideally the ability to carry more of your gear and having space for it.  If you want to "trailerize" your suitcase, then all of the chassis and wheels must fit into the suitcase or be fixed safely to the suitcase.  Once the trailer chassis enters in, add to that requisite tools and hardware, then it is important to be aware of the 50 lb weight limit.

And so, what is life without a challenge?  Function first, but fashion is also important.

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Gates Belt Drive with Nuvinici N360 in Nomadic Dahon Mu N360 Folding Bike

At Nomadic, we have brought forward two very exciting updates to the Dahon Mu N360 model bike.   Joining with Dahon's very well regarded Mu Frame platform,  these modifications are focused on the integration of the Gates CTX Belt Drive being paired with the remarkable NuVinci N360 CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).Mu N360 Gates 2017 12 22 15.46.41 trimmed

The Nomadic-Dahon Mu N360 Gates Bike (above) is clean and effective.  This brings the Gates CTX Belt System, along with new fitted bottom bracket, crank set, belt tensioner together with a high level of integral precision.  The fundamental aspect of the Gates Belt Drive is that it is not "lubricated" the way chain's need to be lubricated.  Further, it is very quiet.  In a folding bike, not being lubricated means that you can carry it on your hip, throw it in the back seat of your car, lean into it with your leg and you won't get grease stains.  When you ride it, it really imparts a different experience.  You get almost a feeling of "flying" it is so quiet.  Part of this is its mating with the remarkable NuVinci transmission which does not shift in a "clicking" manner, but reather in a smooth transitional manner.  It also has a relatively quiet coasting mode, which you may note in that its efficiency gets you to speed and coasting frequently.  New Bottom Bracket and Crank sets are required as part of this upgrade and choices can be communicated.

Dahon Mu N360 with Gates Drive and Patterson 2 Speed Crank System  -

The full step further.2018 04 27 16.05.59 N360 Gates Patterson 1

 The addition of the Patterson 2 Speed Planetary Gear crank gives the bike both a Overdrive and Low range which expands the Nuvinci N360's of 360% to a remarkable  576% from its lowest to highest gearing.  Making this jump we have purposely expanded the range both Low and High.  This makes the bike capable of climbing even the steepest grades, yet rolls down the road at speed and under power at a remarkable clip.  The bike is capable for both touring and cargo/trailer uses.  Shifting is nearly instantaneous throughout the range.

We have a limited supply of these bikes available.  We can also retrofit existing N360's both in our shop and in a provided kit form.  We will update this article with direct order information as we move forward.  Exciting bikes!

2018 04 27 16.06.07 N360 Gates Patterson 2

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Welcome to Nomadic!

At Nomadic we are all about the intersection of bikes, travel and life. We believe bikes make life better and have a positive impact on many of the issues that face us today. Nomadic strives to help you take your bike on your travels or get more utility from your bike around town. We have some fantastic travel bikes, E-bikes, commuter bikes, Fat Bikes, trailers and carriers lifestyle gifts and bicycle touring and travel gear. Let us know what you're looking for  Set up an appointment at Nomadic Headquarters in Longmont or Contact Us.

We stock a large inventory of folding bikes and we have the Vitesse I7, Mariner, Visc, and the entire line available.  What's a folding bike you ask? Checkout the  Dahon Mu N360 which we have modified with a Gates Belt Drive.  It is quite likely the most capable Cycle Touring Folding Bike ever made. We are the only dealer adapting Dahon for Gates Belt Drive. 

Lines of Business - Cycling

(Other Lines of Business will show themselves here once we settle the menu structure - but our "domains" menu above can give you a tour)

We have both stock and optimized Prodigy and Tempo E-Bikes, Fat Bikes and a full line of Dahon folding bikes available.  We can help you find the bike that is best for you. We're here to  help you get the most out of your ride, whether around town or around the world! In addition to our lines of Folding Bikes we also have a range of touring and travel gear.  Whether you drive, fly, RV, boat or sail on your travels, we have solutions to help you take your bike.

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About Nomadic

Nomadic was born from a love of the outdoors, travel and healthy living.  The bike has always been a part of our life and we look for ways to get the most out of cycling wehther for work, play, travel, errands or grabbing a beer at the local pub. We're immersed in the moutain lifestyle and seek adventure in all its forms on water or land.  We believe that a life filled with adventure is a life well lived. And we want to pass on our love of wild places, travel and seek to protect planet earth for future generations to enjoy. We hope you'll join us and sample a taste of the Nomadic life.


Landis Arnold, Founder


Here at Nomadic we are focused on our Cycling passions  Much of this can be found in terms of the products we offer and commentaries under our Blog of articles and ramblings.  The big circle of utility defines this interest.  Folding Bikes (ie Swiss Army Bikes), Electric Bikes, Cargo Bikes and Systems,  Touring Bikes, Commuting by and with bike ring this circle.


We have  a long history in the paddling industry which continues today with our Nomadic Express Sailing Rig and Balanced Wing Rudder.  You can check out the Nomadic Express Kayak Sailing Rig here or watch the product being used on the YouTube clip. If you're interestedin in this product, please contact us.


We keep riding in the winter, but being from Colorado we love skiing, too. We're often found roaming the hign moutains of the world in search of steep lines and perfect powder. We can help you with unique global brands and offer Sporten, Fizan, Rotefella, and Alfa ski gear. Or jump on one of our Elom fat bikes or E-fat bikes for some cold rolling fun.


Hiking, Camping, Mountaineering, Climbing and Healthy Living is all part of the Nomadic life.

Travel, Trekking and Bike Touring

The Nomadic Life is a life outdoors, filled with adventure. As former guides and outfitters, we have numerous parnters in travel and tourism around the world and are more than happy to help you find that special bike tour, trek or develop a unique itinerary for you or your group.

Building to Needs:

At Nomadic we love innovation and are always looking for new product development opportunities. Opportunities grow from needs.  We have never shied away from taking on new product development when we see a real need.  

Nomadic operates in several domains.  

  • Sales Agency
  • Retail Showroom/Design Studio
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Website

Please call or contact us to visit our showroom and studio in Longmont, Colorado
Phone:  303-581-0933 / cell 303-601-0622  Contact/Email Link:  Contact Form

Product Design and Development:

Nomadic is a lifestyle company but we are also a labrotory for product innovation and design. We are actively involved in  research and product development.  Much of our studio is set up to flexibly adapt to development projects.  We also work digitaly, designing products with Autodesk - Mechanical Desktop, as well as SolidWorks and Adobe Illustrator. We're adept and experienced taking ideas from concept to product to market.

Information Technology:

We are active in several Open Source Projects and are able to work with other companies on a consulting basis.  Weaving togther the various elements of Business management, CRM, E-Commerce and CMS are areas of particular focus.  On a consulting basis we can help you in your setups, transitions and maintenance.  Feel free to contact us for more information.


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