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Here at Nomadic we are focused, first and foremost, on our Cycling operation.  Much of this can be found in terms of the products we offer and commentaries under the Cycle Nomadic category of articles and commentary.  The big circle of utility defines this interest.  Folding Bikes (ie Swiss Army Bikes), Electric Bikes, Cargo Bikes and Systems,  Touring Bikes, Commuting by and with bike ring this circle.


We have had a long interest and involvement in paddlesports and this continues today with our Nomadic Express Sailing Rig and Balanced Wing Rudder.  In this website overhaul we need to catch up the site with the products themselves.  (Please call orse the "Contact US" system to send an inquiry, and watch this site for updated information.  (update needed)


We offer Sporten, Fizan, Rotefella, and Alfa ski gear.


Hiking, Camping, Healthy Living


The Nomadic Life

Building to Needs:

Opportunities grow from needs.  We have never shied from taking on new product development when suitable others were not known.

Nomadic operates in several domains.  

  • Sales Agency
  • Retail Showroom
  • Website

We have both a showroom, this web site and can work in traveling Nomadic Mode as we often do with our dealers and at events.  

Product Design and Development:

We are actively involved in design and product development.  Much of our working space is set up to flexibly adapt to development projects.  We also work digitaly, designing products with Autodesk - Mechanical Desktop, as well as SolidWorks and Adobe Illustrator.  Taking ideas from concept to product involves through processes.

Information Technology:

We are active in several Open Source Projects and are able to work with other companies on a consulting basis.  Weaving togther the various elements of Business management, CRM, E-Commerce and CMS are areas of particular focus.  On a consulting basis we can help you in your setups, transitions and maintenance.  More information can be found under our Information Tech category of commentary and articles.


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