Origami Traveller Suitcase / TravelCase-Light Green-Small

SKU: ORIG-TRA-Light-Green-Small
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Origami Traveller Suitcases are among the best we have used, both for airline travel, and more specifically for travelling with a small folding bicycle inside.Made from Injection Molded Polypropylene the Travellers feature durable and easy rolling 4 way spinner wheels, and quite importantly, #10 primary closing zippers (many suitcases are made with #8 size zippers and they are just not strong enough for reliability we feel).This is the listing fore the Small, 22" high, Light Green Case. The Small Origami 22" case fits within carry on size allowance (22" x 14" x 9". It is not large enough to carry a bike but it will safely and stylishly carry a few days clothes, your electronics and it provides an excellent mate to the Large Origami case.Both case sizes are availble in Blue with Yellow, Red with Black, and Light Green with Black color schemes.

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