Musing, expert tips and ramblings on bikes, travel and life. A life on wheels is fun and fast.  Make it sustainable and enjoy the view.

Nomadic Bike 

I have been strongly focused over the last few years on finding and improving bikes and gear that I want to use and which in turn are well suited for the prospect of both world travel and daily life.  Bicycles are, without a doubt, one of the most remarkable machines.  There are many variations among them and many ways they can be built.

I (and potentially we) will use this category to explore the bikes, the gear and the ways to integrate your lives and travel with bikes with simplicity, and some style.


You will find here a variety of initiatives we are engaged in.  Nomadic is all about making life better and helping you get more use out of your bike, for commuting around town, business, play time, travel and life.


Nomadic people, life and expereince.  Some of our customers and fellow travellers. Structural Category.

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