1000 Words
Peter Heller's method

Peter Heller has a method.  Every day when he is writing, he pens 1000 words.  Maybe a few more, maybe a few less, but he has a pace, and that pace makes him extremely effective.  His novels such as Celene, The Dog Stars,  The Painter  are a few.  He is introducing now The Last Ranger, and judging by his introductory reading last night, and what I heard were some lovely reviews, it will be a keeper.

Peter's readings are often a mix of hearing parts of his texts, the music in the words, some of the plot lines, and fun allegories.    They are also a lesson in and about his methods.  One that is core is his rule of 1000.  It is based upon another writer's "rule of 500" and for him.  1000 is where he settled.  And writing without pre-plan, but rather writing by listening.  Characters and voices emerge he says.  And though he recognizes that the voices come from within him, he also let's them out, and as he says, he listens.

In my own work, I need to put more words and content out, and not just focus on product and project efforts understood only within themselves.  I need to do more descriptions.  More marketing yes.  More communicating in general about what is going on.  And outreach as well.

And so, inspired by my good friend Pete,  if not 1000, I will use this little piece as a start, and hope too that it becomes a touchstone.

Work to be done.  Interesting work.  Places to go.  Things to mend.

Landis Arnold


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